Heavy rainfall causing Swatara Creek to flood Duke Street Bridge

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HUMMELSTOWN, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - The Duke Street bridge is almost submerged in water in Hummelstown. The heavy rains are causing the Swatara Creek to flood. The strong current bringing all types of debris downstream, even a dumpster.

"I think this is an amazing display of nature and how it overcomes human design," said Edward Corriveau of Hummelstown.

Officials don't expect the flooding levels to compare to Tropical Storm Lee or Agnes in 2011 and 1972, respectively. However, they're still urging everyone to take this flooding seriously. Tuesday morning, the Hummelstown Fire Department had three water rescue calls in Lower Swatara Township. In Derry Township, Bridge road was closed because of water flowing onto the roadway.

As the flooding at the Duke Street bridge was an attraction for many, a groundhog stuck on a fence in the middle of rushing water was what everyone seemed to be worried about.

“We still feel sorry for the groundhog," said one woman watching the groundhog."And he doesn’t know how to swim that good.”

That groundhog did make its way off of the fencing, no word on if he made it safely to land.

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