Flooding prompts rescue missions in Lancaster County

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LANCASTER COUNTY, P.a. - Fire and rescue crews in Lancaster County were busy this morning. Roads in East Donegal and Rapho Township were completely under water. Five people needed help getting out of their homes.

One couple living on Drager Road had to move all of their belongings from the first floor before the water reached them.
a testament to some helpful neighbors and fast thinking.

"We moved all of their furniture from the first floor to the second floor and then stuff from the garage over to our garage," Greg Warfel, said.

Warfel moved to the area a year ago, but for Joann and Brian Kline, it's not their first rodeo.

"Since we've lived here, and this is his childhood home, we're so use to it it's not even funny," Kline said.

They've done this same song and dance at least four times.

"When it gets to the top of the yard right there, we have one hour and it's in the house. At 5 o' clock morning it was 12 inches down and we knew we had to start moving because it was coming up," Kline said.

The water receded by the afternoon.

"The flood came over the road before the trash came so all of the recyclable were going down the creek so it was a mess. But yeah, gotta clean up," Warfel said.

"I had friends here with shop vacs. We sucked the water out and right now we're just cleaning up. We have fans going to dry it out and we start all over again," Kline said.

For as quickly as the water came, their sense of security will take much longer to restore.

No injuries were reported.


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