FOX43 Finds Out: A warning for homeowners

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A realtor in York has a new warning for new homeowners.

"As soon as you sign your name to buy a home, it`s Guaranteed you`re going to be getting at least one to half a dozen pieces of mail that are looking for you to spend money where you shouldn`t be," said Adam McCallister, a realtor with McCallister & Myers Real Estate Services in York.

He says clients tell him all the time about mail or emails they get shortly after moving into a new home.

One typically has to do with some important paperwork.

"Send company x a check for anywhere from $65-185, and that amount can always change, for a copy of your deed."

McCallister says this isn`t a scam because these companies will send you a deed.

The problem here is that you already paid for a deed in your closing!

It just takes anywhere from a month to three months to get that paperwork from the County Courthouse.

"What this company or what these groups are doing are trying to prey on that time period, where you don`t have it yet," said McCallister.

And if you did want a copy of your deed for whatever reason - you can pay for it yourself in-person at the courthouse.

McCallister says another thing to look out for after you move in is mail that looks like it`s from a homeowners insurance company, but not the one you signed up for.

It`s tricky though, because it could have your name, address and even around the price you paid for your homeowners insurance.

"By that point in time, you already have homeowners insurance and it`s already been paid for, otherwise you wouldn`t have gotten to the closing tables to get the keys," said McCallister.

The realtor says it can be confusing figuring out what is real and what`s not when you`re dealing with all this paperwork.

If you have a question, call your real estate agent.

"They`re not just there to get you into a house to be your tour guide, regardless of what they show on HGTV, they are truly there to protect you."

Besides your realtor, you can check with a title company, insurance company or even the county courthouse if you get any piece of mail that`s confusing before sending anyone money.

Also remember, when you buy a home - it`s public record.

Which is why it`s so easy for people to get your information and send you things that may not be legitimate.

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