Mandatory evacuations issued for part of Dauphin County

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Swatara Township, Dauphin County, Pa. - Mandatory evacuations were issued for some homes on Joyce Lance in Dauphin County. Many of their backyards are filled with about five feet of water, that's making its way into their homes. People living there spent Wednesday packing up what they can before leaving.

"It`s really overwhelming," said Viviana Sale, who lives on Joyce Lane. "It's pretty scary."

For Sale and her family, water has already filled their basement. They knew an evacuation was imminent and spent the day moving items from their basement and first floor to other parts of their home.

"We really started moving stuff up from the basement to the third floor," said Sale. "Getting a trailer in, moving out our living room and whatnot just incase it does rise up."

The last time their neighborhood flooded was during Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. While the Sales didn't live in the neighborhood at the time, one of their neighbors did. Deb Kohr says during that time her home filled with seven feet of water, the damages costing thousands, and they had just hours to get out. This time though, was different.

"We had to walk out last time and lost everything from the first floor," said Kohr. "This time we had some notice and w've moved almost everything we can to the second floor."

This time around emergency crews spent Wednesday in the neighborhood, monitoring the situation before issuing a mandatory evacuation for part of the neighborhood at 4 p.m. As people left their homes, they're praying what they come back to this time won't be as devastating as 2011.

"Hopefully we`ll come back and we`ll be lucky," said Kohr.

Emergency crews plan to be out in the neighborhood until flooding conditions improve.

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