People return to their homes following flooding evacuations Wednesday

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SWATARA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - People are returning to their homes in Dauphin County after evacuation yesterday because of flooding. They say it was a rough night, unsure of what they would come back to.

For many people in Dauphin County they consider themselves lucky the flooding caused very little, if any damage.

“I tried my central air," said Kenneth Boyer, of Derry Township. "It came on but I have to have it cleaned out. It has a lot of straw in it from the field.”

As water was still flowing down Sunset Drive Thursday morning, people living there are hoping something will be done in the future to help prevent flooding on the street. Many people say the flooding happens even after a thunderstorm.

“I think Derry township should condemn it down here. I don’t think people should be allowed to live down here, that’s my opinion," said Boyer. "I mean look at this, people can’t even get out and I know they have people come down and rescue but this isn’t safe.”

The extent of damage for people living on Joyce Lane in Swatara Township, Dauphin County is flooded basements and backyards. For Deb Kohr, her home was untouched, the flooding not even reaching her sidewalk, a far different scene from 2011. For her, the toughest part this time was having to evacuate Wednesday.

“Let’s just say my husband and I didn’t sleep well," said Kohr. "It was a tossing and turning night. We were hoping for morning and then afraid to come back here and see what it was like.”

In 2011, the Joyce Lane neighborhood had a problem with looters coming in after they evacuated. This time around, police stayed in the neighborhood overnight.

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