Habitat for Humanity dedicates two homes to families in York

YORK, Pa.--  It was a special day for two families in York, as they became the proud owners of new homes.

Representatives from York Habitat for Humanity turned over two sets of keys at a dedication ceremony; giving the families something they have always dreamed about: owning their own homes.

The organization built a duplex on an empty lot on West Locust Street, creating homes for the families.

For Tonie McGhee, a mother of four, it provides them with the room they desperately need.

"It feels really good now, I have a lot more space now. My son has his own room. You know, before I used to joke around saying that he was like a cat, he would be on the sofa, my bed, the bunk beds and now he has his own space," McGhee said.

The families are required to dedicate a number of volunteer hours to earn the homes.
McGhee plans to continue volunteering for the organization to help others achieve the same dream of home ownership.

York Habitat for Humanity says typically it can only afford one home dedication, but this opportunity allowed the organization to help two separate families.