Indian Echo Caverns in Dauphin County extends full tours again after caves flood

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DERRY TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- After nearly a week of record-breaking rainfall, Indian Echo Caverns in Dauphin County is working to get back to normal.

"It was a large swimming pool," said Cameron Dickerson, tour guide at Indian Echo Caverns.

"The water mainly comes from the table below so it fills upward and from what is dripping above us," he added.

Dickerson says after flood waters filled the caves this week, they were forced to limit tours to just the front part of the cave.

"We just cut out power to the entire cave to make sure there was no shortages or damage because it was fully submerged," said Dickerson.

The entrance room to the cavern was filled to roughly six feet.

Luckily, an industrial-sized sump pump, which sits in one of the center rooms, has been helping to pump out most of the water.

"It was able to pull waters down to be mostly accessible in the matter of hours," said Dickerson.

Dickerson says some of the cave lighting that was damaged, along with the gravel walkway, which is used to help with traction for guests on tours.

"We're probably going to bring in extra gravel to make sure that the floors stay nice and well graveled so that people aren't slipping," said Dickerson.

Now that the water has finally receded, full tours are back to normal.

"Me and my girlfriend we love gems and different stuff and caves and exploring so we just came out to see how it was after the flood," said Kie Ford, visitor.

"I came from Jordan so we didn't have caves like that it's really rare to see things like that so this is like so nice for me," said Rozan Ramadn, visitor.

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