Neighbors disturbed by shooting, stabbing in Steelton

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STEELTON, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Police say three people were shot and one person was stabbed in part of Dauphin County.

Police say it happened around 7:45 p.m. on Kennedy Lane in Steelton Sunday evening.

Those four victims are now recovering in area hospitals.

Police are still trying to figure out why the violence took place and who may have provoked it.

Neighbors on Kennedy Lane say it's a quiet neighborhood, where people look out for one another.

They say children are usually out playing, but Monday afternoon, it was a different scene.

Only a few children peddled down Kennedy Lane late Monday afternoon. Some neighbors blame the quiet on recent violence.

"This is the first somebody ever got shot here; it's crazy. All the years I've been here, we enjoyed it down here," said Cecila Smith-Crosson, a neighbor of more than 40 years.

"I was inside watching TV, and the AC was on, but I heard shots, came out, people were scattering, cars were leaving, and police locked down the place," said Jabes Garcia, a neighbor of seven years.

Garcia and others say that kind of violence is uncommon for this neighborhood.

"In the winter, we help each other out, shoveling each other out. When the snow comes out, the people we help out each other, thats it," said Garcia.

"For years, it was beautiful to live down here. We loved it. We enjoyed it. We had fun. It's just completely changed now," described Smith-Crosson.

Police say the victims who are able to talk with authorities are not cooperating with the investigation. The Mayor of Steelton has since said the incident was isolated and the public is not in any danger. People who call Kennedy Lane home hope that truly is the case.

"I just hope whoever did the shooting - they don't come back and bring that mess around here," added Garcia.

Some wonder if it's time to move.

"[I'm] pissed off, cause this was a good place to live. So I'm thinking about leaving," added Crosson-Smith.

Authorities have not yet provided the victims' names, but the mayor said two victims, who were previously listed as sustaining life threatening injuries, are now in stable condition.

Because the victims are not cooperating, Steelton Police are encouraging anyone with any information to contact them.

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