‘Ask Evan’: “What is the law at the I-83 exit stop light at exit 16?”

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This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Gary T in York County.  Gary asks, "Our question involves the traffic light at the northern end of Camp Betty Washington Road where it meets the northbound I-83 exit 16 in York County.  Pennsylvania has in force a 'right turn on red' law which begs the question: 'is northbound traffic on Camp Betty legally allowed to use that law in passing through the traffic light when red?'  If a police officer was watching, would I get a ticket/warning if I went through the red?"

I reached out to my contact at PennDOT for an answer.  While the construction around the exit has made for changing traffic patterns over the past couple of years, I'm told the law has not.

So, while the intersection you reference is a bit odd as compared to other traffic light intersections  Pennsylvania law still is in effect.  So yes, as long as there are no signs prohibiting a right turn on red and you can make that move safely, you are allowed under law to make that turn.

So you would not be 'running the red light' as long as you are turning right-- and you would not be issued a ticket or warning for turning right on red.

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