Don’t leave devices charging too long, fidget spinner starts car fire

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SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - Charging your electronic devices is something we all do and it may seem harmless but it does pose a significant fire hazard. A charging fidget spinner caused a car fire in Dauphin County last week and these types of fires are more common than one may think.

“I’ve had a fire call where kids were on the phones at night and they tucked it underneath their pillow and it caught the pillow on fire," said George Drees, Susquehanna Township Fire Marshal.

Drees says the main reason many devices catch fire is because they're being charged for too long causing them to overheat. He says, it's important to read the charging directions for all devices before plugging them in. With many devices, once they're fully charged, power will keep pumping into them if they remain plugged in. That is what can create a dangerous situation.

“There’s amperage and there’s resistances," said Drees. "They heat up.”

Drees also says, you should never leave your device charging unattended whether it's in your home or in your car. Once charged, the devices could overheat and cause a fire very quickly, just like the fidget spinner.

“It should stay with you at all times," said Drees. "If you leave, unplug it."

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of charging cord or device you're using. If you bought them cheap, Drees says, they are more likely to be a fire hazard.

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