Federal judge blocks government from allowing release of 3D-printed gun plans

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A federal judge in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday that blocks the federal government from allowing the distribution of downloadable 3D guns online, according to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

Nine Attorneys General, including Attorney General Josh Shapiro, filed a multistate lawsuit Monday seeking the nationwide injunction preventing the plans from going online. The plans were supposed to go online Wednesday.

“This is a tremendous win for public safety and common sense,” Shapiro said. “It is temporary – and we’ll be back in court immediately seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction. But this is a victory for law enforcement in Pennsylvania and throughout the country to enforce and protect our state firearms laws and our citizens.”

On Sunday, Shapiro asked for an order to block websites that allowed people to download the plans from being accessible in the Commonwealth. A federal court in Philadelphia directed Cody Wilson and his Texas companies, Defense Distributed, DEFCAD and Ghost Runner, to block Pennsylvania IP addresses from the sites, the Office stated.

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