Décor and Desserts with Party Host Helpers
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Décor and Desserts with Party Host Helpers

Summer time and it’s time to party!  Renee Patrone, CEO and Founder of Party Host Helpers has a few easy, and fun ways to jazz up your space before your party.

So – we are painting pineapples – we are sticking with this pineapple theme and its so easy and then you can use the fruit later!  We are using pastel colors here but you could do gold or glitter or even bold colors, especially if you are celebrating a sports team.

Up next, are these easy flower votives – less is really more and these are gorgeous on any table, especially at dusk. Add some flowers, twine and a candle – and it looks like a million bucks, when it only cost you a few.  Also, group them in 3’s to add more punch.

Don’t forget about dessert!  We are serving up these whipped pineapple treats – (recipe: https://cutefetti.com/2015/04/easy-pineapple-dessert.html) it’s only 3 ingredients – crushed pineapple with juice, instant vanilla pudding and cool whip!  Blend the pineapple and pudding, gently stir in whip topping and pop in the fridge for an hour.  These are chilled so we are adding a little bit of whipped cream and a cherry – how gorgeous and easy!