“Second chance” landlord offers people new beginnings

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The rain continues to fall in York, and for Destiney Boldizar, when it rains, it pours.

“The kids and I had 30 days to get out. My landlord defaulted on our property taxes and we were just out of luck,” said Boldizar.

That was back in February.

Between dealing with that and some other personal issues, Boldizar had no idea where she was going to go next.

“I started panicking. I was very fearful that the kids and I were going to be homeless,” said Boldizar.

But now five months later, she’s feeling the dark cloud over her head beginning to clear up.

“He just really helped me feel stable and comfortable, and him and his wife are constantly saying it’s okay, they believe in us,” said Boldizar.

That’s the support Brian Sterner offers to all of his tenants, regardless of their background.

“We live in a tough world. And people who need a second chance, if there’s no one out there to give it to them, where are they going to go? What are they going to do?” said Sterner.

Sterner owns 24 units in 13 buildings in York, mostly occupied by people down on their luck.

Maybe they have bad credit, a drug addiction, or a criminal record- Sterner says it doesn’t matter.

“My theory in working with these folks, I try to let them know, your home is where it all starts. Nothing is going to be good if you don’t have a good place to call home, so that’s what I try to provide,” said Sterner.

But what he may not realize is he offers these people with more than just a place to live.

“It makes you feel like you’re more capable of handling things, when someone who doesn’t even know you, honestly cares about you,” said Boldizar.

Listening to the tenants, understanding their situations, working with them if they can’t get rent in on time, and offering support along the way.

No questions. No judgement.

“People don’t always make the right decisions, but given the opportunity to get a fresh start, they will take it and they will succeed,” said Sterner.

Sterner encourages other landlords to rent to those who need a second chance.

He says it has been a successful experience for him and nearly all of his tenants, and he still has made the extra money for retirement he was initially looking for.

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