Tackling Critters at your Party with Party Host Helpers

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We may love summer, but it also means bugs and critters and creepy crawlers may crash your party.  We have a few tips with Renee Patrone, CEO and Founder of Party Host Helpers!

We headed outside with this beautiful setting at this Keystone Home and you want to everyone to enjoy the summer party and not have it invaded by insects!  So, we have a few tricks when it comes to fighting back the bugs…

#1 Keep a basket or bin full of bug spray and sunscreen and even handheld fans for all your guests.  You can even add special oils like lavender and citronella for guests to add to their wrists and necks along with table-top diffusers running throughout the party.

#2 Take a Shot & Spray! - Put vodka in a spray bottle and gently mist any serving or eating tables before the food is out and it will help keep the bugs at bay.

#3  Penny Trick - Fill up pretty glasses of water and drop pennies inside - bloggers swear by this, inside and outside!  The water makes the pennies look bigger than they appear and is supposed to deter flies from landing near them, because they think it is a bigger bug! We have a few pretty glasses of water on this table and we are going to add some pennies and voila – it should work!

#4 Cocktail Lids - There's nothing worse than finding a bug in your sweet cocktail so we recommend setting up these pretty cupcake liners, stick a straw throw and it's an instant, chic lid for your cocktail.  This works perfect for those pineapple mojitos we just made!

#5 Cloves & Lemon – We are going to take some of these lemons – cut them in half and then just push those whole cloves into them.  They can actually look pretty and they can help keep bugs away from food.  We recommend having a few plates of these around where you are serving and where people are eating. 

#6 Dryer Sheets – Sounds crazy, but tie a few around the legs of a table - the smell is supposed to keep mosquitoes away! You can’t even see them when they are under the tablecloth.

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