Chambersburg man facing charges after allegedly sexually assaulting, beating woman with baseball bat

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.– A Chambersburg man is facing charges after allegedly sexually assaulting and beating a woman with a baseball bat.

Wayne Gray Jr.,  37, is facing aggravated assault, strangulation, and rape among other related charges.

According to the criminal complaint, police responded to Chambersburg Hospital for a reported assault on July 30.

Upon arrival, police spoke with a victim who told police she’d been sexually assaulted.

The victim explained to police that she had lived with Gray since December 2017 at an apartment in the 300 block of Lincoln Way West in Chambersburg and was involved in a sexual relationship with him.

However, Gray went to jail and was subsequently released on July 26.

According to the victim, between that date and July 29, Gray physically and sexually assaulted the victim because he was told that she had had sexual relations with another man while Gray was in jail.

The victim said that between those dates, Gray struck her with closed fists and a baseball bat.

He also allegedly stabbed the victim with a fork in the head and shoulder and cut her with the prongs of the fork on her arm.

The victim said that Gray choked her with his hands and his foot to the point that she was nearly unconscious and urinated herself.

At one point, Gray allegedly retrieved a knife from the kitchen, grabbed the victim by her hair and cut part of it off.

The victim told police that after Gray assaulted her with the baseball bat, she sat on the couch in the living room and feared that if she attempted to leave the house or contact anyone that she would be assaulted or killed.

At that time, the victim alleges that Gray appeared in the living room with the baseball bat and ordered her to perform oral sex.

Gray proceeded to allegedly rape the victim.

The victim suffered bruises and marks all over her body, including swelling and bleeding on the brain.

Now, Gray will face charges.

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