FOX43 Finds Them: Police seek your help catching their Most Wanted

FOX43 Finds Them is a segment where police officers will stop by the set of FOX43 Morning News to offer up information on the Most Wanted criminals in the area. Today, Detective George Ripley of the York City Police Department is stopping by to discuss the following wanted criminals:

  1. Common Fraud Investigations
  • Online Loan Scam

    o Ask for payment in Google Play gift cards

    o No legitimate company asks for payment in gift cards

    * Computer Repair Scam

    o Error message on computer asking to contact a help number for repair

    o Repair will cost a high amount of money

    o You pay and computer works

    o They contact you back stating that your computer is under warranty and

    * They will refund you to your account

    * They then access your account with the information you provided and drain it.

    * IRS Scam

    o Originates as a phone call claiming to be from IRS and stating they are opening a case on you

    o Flag- IRS will not call you to advise they are “opening” a case

    o They will ask for personal info. (do not give any personal information to anyone over phone.

    * IRS would not need your personal info- Flag

    o They will threaten you will have a Federal arrest warrant issued

    * They will give you chance to remedy that situation with payment

    * FLAG

    o Use common sense and do not be afraid to ask them questions.

    * Blackmail Scam Through “Dating” website

    o Meet girl

    o Text back and forth

    o Inappropriate texts from other party

    o Girl says she is under age

    o “Dad” calls- demanding payment or he will file Police report

    2. Wanted Persons

In response to recent shooting incidents in July, the York City Police Department has initiated a law enforcement Group Violence Initiative (GVI) response.

As part of this response, we are looking to serve existing warrants on a number of individuals, including these two wanted men:

Shanquay Ritter

Marquis Clark






Rewards are being offered for information leading to an arrest of the individuals. All information can be kept anonymous.

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