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Firefighter’s helmet stolen during call in York City

YORK -- A York City firefighter is without an important piece of his gear after he says it was stolen during a call.

Firefighter Glenn Jensen had just finished up putting out a fire on Princess Street earlier this week and put his helmet down while helping pack up another crew's equipment. And when he went back to get it, the helmet was gone.

Jensen says not only is a firefighter's helmet important for safety, it also has a lot of sentimental value.

"The helmet is probably the most sentimental piece of what we have. It's something that doesn't get replaced necessarily as often as some of our other equipment," he said. "As long as its still functioning we can keep it going."

"So that one in particular had been with me since I started with the department," Jensen continued. "It was through my first fire. It's been through some significant fires that I've been in. The helmet kind of tells the story. You can look at it and say this part where its burned or this part where it's dented, they all have stories and there's a history to it."

Jensen says he hopes it was just some kids who thought it would be cool and that they will return the helmet soon.

Meanwhile, police are searching for a suspect.