An Unsettled Start To The New Workweek

A meandering upper low pressure system will bring scattered showers and storms for the beginning of the new work week.

With slightly less humidity on Sunday, most of the thunderstorms in the area were well south of the Mason-Dixon Line, producing large hail and flooding rainfall across Virginia, while our activity was much more scattered and weaker. An old frontal boundary is stalling out and a wave of low pressure is forming on it, setting up yet another blocked weather pattern. We will be trapped in-between high pressure over the western Atlantic and in central North America. The low will mean lots of atmospheric instability and waves or batches of scattered showers and thunderstorms will rotate through the area. So that doesn’t mean total washouts for us, it does mean some of us will just have to dodge the storms and keep an eye to the sky for outdoor activities.


By Wednesday the low will start to “fill in” and lift out of the area, allowing a return to some drier weather. High pressure will dominate the middle of the week.


But Thursday into Friday another cold front will move in with a chance for some more showers and storms. However, this system looks to be much more progressive and should be out of here for the weekend.