Crews working to repair sinkhole at Tanger Outlets

EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Crews are still working to figure out what caused a giant sinkhole to open at the Tanger Outlets in Lancaster County Friday night.

The hole swallowed six cars that were parked at the time, and doubled in size while crews were on scene.

Even though the six cars have been removed, the big questions remains: what caused the sinkhole to open?

The general manager of Tanger Outlets in Lancaster said engineers, construction crews, and township officials were onsite this Monday morning assessing a plan for repairs.

"I just stopped by to see what was going on with this sinkhole. Pretty amazing. And I was just curious to see what they’re going to do, and if it’s getting worse, and where it’s going to go from here," Tom Shelton, who lives in New Holland, said.

East Lampeter Township Police said there is 24 hour security on sight to monitor the hole, but since it happened on private property, police will only get involved if something drastic happens. For example, if someone gets hurt or the hole expands.

Officials said it could’ve been a lot worse, as the cars sustained minimal damage and no one was injured. Even though it’s being referred to as a sinkhole, the engineers are trying determine how and why the parking lot collapsed.

"I believe they are looking into whether it’s actually a sinkhole, and the ground was vacated underneath and collapsed, or the water management system underneath it for the storm drains - there was a failure in that regard," Captain James Shank with the East Lampeter Township Police, said.

All of the stores at Tanger Outlets are open for business.

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