Flooded roadways trap people in Lebanon County neighborhood

SOUTH ANNVILLE TOWNSHIP, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. - People were trapped in their neighborhood after water covers all three roadways into the community. Although the water has since receded, people living there say they're not out of the clear yet.

“It makes me a little nervous," said James Mitchell, who lives in the Palm City Park neighborhood and was trapped by flooded roads.

With the Swatara Creek at Harper Tavern expected to crest at moderate flood stage, any flooding isn't expected to be as bad as it was during the end of July. However, people who live in Palm City Park, like Mitchell and Alyssa Dulkowski say, Monday's flooding is the worst they've ever seen. Rainfall on already saturated grounds is to blame for the roadways quickly covering with water, leaving people without a way to get out. Because all three roadways that lead into the neighborhood were flooded, the problem for Mitchell, Dulkowski, and others was they were left with no way to get to work.

“Just getting in and out of here and getting to those roads out into Middletown," said Dulkowski. "I was not taking that chance.”

With a chance for more rain Tuesday, Mitchell and Dulkowski are planning to get creative if the roadways surrounding them continue to flood.

“Well I guess I’m going to head down to the store and buy a boat," said Mitchell. "Maybe I can get to work, put the tools in the back and we’ll be alright after at that point.”

“Yeah I would say the same thing," said Dulkowski. "We make a joke all the time but I’m thinking we’re pretty serious at this point.”

Although the roadways to the Palm City Park neighborhood were flooded, the homes were safe.

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