PA Human Relations Commission issues statement condemning recent KKK activity in York

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HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission released a statement Monday condemning recent Ku Klux Klan activity in York.

“PHRC is aware of the KKK activity in York,” the statement says. “We are working with York officials, the community, and law enforcement to enhance cooperation and positive dialog in the community.

“KKK and groups that promote such hate, bias and discrimination are not welcome in Pennsylvania.”

According to the York Daily Record, the KKK spread fliers to cars outside Regal Cinemas in West Manchester Township, which was showing the Spike Lee film “Blackkklansman.” The movie is based on the true story of a black police detective who infiltrated the Klan in the 1970s.

The fliers negatively portrayed members of the African-American, Jewish, Asian, Hispanic, Catholic and LGBTQ communities, according to YDR.

A spokesman for the KKK said the fliers were distributed to tell what he called the truth behind the movie.

The PHRC pointed out it recently held hearings over the incident that took place at the Grandview Golf Course and that its members have been in communication with officials regarding the recent allegedly racially motivated murder at the Red Rose Restaurant.

“York is a good, strong community, filled with good people,” said PHRC chairman Joel Bolstein in a statement. “And they will (not) allow hatred to tear their community apart.”

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