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Duncannon area Rutter’s to celebrate grand opening, low gas price causing so-called gas war in the area

REED TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY -- A grand opening celebration is happening this afternoon at the new Duncannon area Rutter's, but the price of gas is what has drivers headed to the pump early this morning.

A gallon of regular gas at the Rutter's is listed at $2.73. Two other gas stations in the are have also lowered their price of gas causing a so-called gas war.
According to AAA the national average for gas is also down at a price of $2.83 a gallon. Pennsylvania's average is even higher at just over $3.00 a gallon.
Nearby Sheetz and Pilot gas stations also lowered their prices for a gallon of regular. has all 3 locations on a top 10 lowest prices in the state list with all 3 Benvenue Road locations listed at $2.75 a gallon.
Right now it's not clear which company lowered their prices first or how long these low gas prices will last.
The Duncannon Rutter's grand opening celebration will take place today from 2PM-4PM.