U.S. Army parachute team jumps from plane at Capital City Airport

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FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The U.S. Army parachute team, also known as the golden knights, performed a show at the Capital City Airport today.

FOX 43's Samantha Galvez and Photojournalist Nick Vitto went along for the ride.

At 6 in the morning the guys were hyped.

"Well you gotta have fun. We're getting ready to do something pretty extreme," Sgt. 1st Class Mike Koch, Gold Team Demonstrator, said.

"We do a motivational chant as we're taking off. Just something fun to keep the team loose and relaxed," Sgt. 1st Class Kenneth Severin, Operations NCO, said. "Keeps us out of our heads."

It's's safe to say these men have had a little bit of practice.

"I've jumped out of an airplane somewhere around 2,200 times," Sgt. Koch said.

"3,152 free fall parachute jumps," Sgt. Severin said.

The Golden Knights are called the "Army's Ambassadors" because they connect the American public with the Army through recruiting. The other part of their job is jumping out of planes all over the world.

"We are constantly jumping. If we're not jumping on the demonstration teams then the competition teams are jumping so somebody is always in the sky with the Golden Knights," Sgt. Severin said.

They've jumped in every state and in 49 countries.

"The beautiful thing about this job is it never gets old," Sgt. Severin said.

Good thing too, because they travel 270 days a year.

After take off, they climb up to 12,500 feet. Then it's go time. Falling at 120 mph, they don't open their parachutes until they are at 3,000 feet.

"I think today went great. We had beautiful weather, good winds, I think everything went really good," Sgt. Koch said.

"I love being in the Army. I love serving my country. And I love the fact that this is a way for me to serve in a different facet than I have before," Sgt. Severin said.

The Golden Knights' next show is this weekend at the 60th Annual Air and Water Show in Chicago.

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