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Police searching for man involved in burglary of Shippensburg gas station

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.– Police are searching for a man who burglarized a Sunoco gas station in Shippensburg.

On August 8 around 3:55 a.m., an unidentified black man pulled into the Sunoco gas station on Olde Scotland Road in Southampton Township.

The man got out of a burgundy sedan of an unknown make and model, and attempted to gain access to the gas station by prying a locked door open with a crow bar.

Then, the man returned to his vehicle before returning to the front door four times.

Finally, the man returned to his sedan and fled west on Olde Scotland Road before returning to the Sunoco.

He proceeded to grab a rock from the rear of the store an threw it through the front glass door, and entered the store.

The man allegedly removed $400 from the cash and lottery register before exiting the store and fleeing south toward Mount Rock Road.

Police are investigating the burglary.