Satanic Temple unveils statue of Baphomet at protest of Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas state capitol

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Activists display a statue of Baphomet at the Arkansas State Capitol in this image taken from CNN video.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Satanic Temple unveiled a statue of Baphomet, a goat-headed, winged creature, during a rally to protest a Ten Commandments monument already displayed on the Arkansas State Capitol grounds, according to a CNN report.

Members of the Satanic Temple said the Ten Commandments monument violates constitutional freedom of religion rights, and that the installation of their statue would demonstrate religious tolerance. The Temple called for members of the Arkansas state government to either remove the Ten Commandments monument or allow their statue to be displayed as well.

The Satanic Temple’s statue depicts Baphomet sitting on a throne, accompanied by two smiling children. According to Arkansas law, all monuments require legislative sponsorship in order to be displayed, so the statue of Baphomet cannot be legally installed on the state capitol grounds.

The Satanic Temple says it will sue the Arkansas legislature, claiming religious discrimination.

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