Northeastern graduate completes chemotherapy after 3-year journey, the milestone sparking mixed emotions

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. --  A former Northeastern football player officially stopped chemotherapy treatment for leukemia after battling the cancer for three years.

20-year-old Marcus Josey still holds the record for passing yards at Northeastern High School.

He received a letter from Harvard, recruiting him for football, the day he found out he was battling the disease, April 10th, 2015.

On August 16th, 2018,  he rang the bell at Penn State Health, signaling the end of his treatment.

We caught up with Josey at his home in York County to talk about the milestone.

"There was a lot of mixed emotions on that day. There was relief, but on the same side, it was bittersweet, because my journey with cancer, unfortunately, is not over yet," he said.

Josey says he'll continue to take a number of medications almost daily and meet with his doctors.

There's still always a chance the cancer could come back.

"I got a lot of messages from people saying, 'I know he rang the bell, but how do you actually feel today?' And I was honest with them, because the truth is, we have really close families who we're very, very close with whose kids are not doing good. So although, we were celebrating that's on the back of your mind during that, and so you worry for them, and you worry for you for what could happen next week, or five years from now," said Andrea Josey, Marcus's mother.

Besides the fight with cancer, Josey also found out - he has a bone disease - caused by the same steroids helping to treat the leukemia.

Because of that, his days on the football field, at least as a player, are over.

As a member of the Gettysburg College football team, he says he'll help out however he can.

Josey tells us he's choosing to stay positive, like he has throughout his journey, surrounded by his supportive family, girlfriend, friends, while also looking ahead to a bright future.

"After going through a lot of the things I went through, I started to look at the small things in life that just bring happiness, and ultimately, throughout the rest of my life, I just want to find happiness," he said.

Josey is currently studying biology at Gettysburg College.

Josey and his family tell FOX43 they got through the three year journey with a lot of help from non-profit organizations, like Four Diamond.

Click here for a link to his story on their website.

They want to spread awareness about those organizations' work as well as pediatric cancer.

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