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For a mere $2.75 million, you could own your very own cave in Arkansas

PARTHENON, Ark. — If you’ve got an extra $2.75 million and the desire to move to Arkansas, we might have the perfect place for you to live.

The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, a four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 6,000-square-foot lodge carved out of a living cave on a 257-acre lot near the town of Parthenon is up for sale. It’s part hobbit hole, part mansion…and all cave.

The realtor says the lodge was recently renovated, and is powered by a geothermal heating system and fed by an under-the-floor spring that originates from deep inside the cave. There’s a landing pad for your helicopter (convenient!), a stable for your horses, and it even has an indoor waterfall.

Picture it…watching your favorite football team from a mancave inside a cave.

The realtor site has a 52-picture gallery. Click here to check it out.