Thousands in cash stolen from safe benefitting volunteer fire company

MYERSTOWN, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. --  Pennsylvania State Police are looking for the man they say stole thousands of dollars from a social club benefitting a volunteer fire department in Lebanon County.

They say it happened Sunday morning around 4 a.m. at the Goodwill Social Club in Meyerstown.

According to members at the club, surveillance footage taken outside captured a man leaving out the back and taking off in a car.

A surveillance photo shows the getaway car of a man police say stole approximately $5,700 from the social club, a non-profit organization.

"It's an astronomical amount, $5,700. We work for paychecks, right? That's a lot of money. That's not just chump change as people like to refer to it," said Ryan Gettle, manager of daily operations at the club.

According to members, surveillance video taken inside this building shows a tall man, wearing a grey hoodie, and carrying a military-issued duffel bag. Because of the investigation, they can't yet release that footage.

"A portion of what they took was petty cash, for operating, so we're talking rolls of quarters, nickels, dimes, things like that," explained Gettle.

They're asking bank tellers and people in the area to be on the lookout for a large quantity of wrapped coins and a stolen cash box.

The Goodwill Social Club is a non-profit, owned by the Goodwill Volunteer Fire Company, and members of the club say it's truly a shame someone stole money from them.

"You know, what fire companies do - they save lives, they save homes, they go out on accidents, and all this money is to help them do that," said Dorothy Eberly, a member.

"I think it's a sad thing that people have to do that to a local community business that does a lot of good for the people," said Margo Fox, a member.

Members say those funds could be used to buy volunteer firefighters the equipment they need to keep the community safe.

"That 5,700 was spent by patrons, in here, members of our community, for the community, and someone took that," added Gettle.

Pennsylvania State Police in Jonestown are urging anyone with information to contact them at (717) 865-5067.

It's the 250th anniversary of Myerstown this weekend, and members hope neighbors will come out and continue to support the Goodwill Fire Company.

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