Back to School Décor and Dessert with Party Host Helpers
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Back to School Décor and Dessert with Party Host Helpers

MANCHESTER,Pa--- It’s time for soccer practices, homework and making school lunches – so before we get into the full swing of school – we are throwing a little party for the parents who are so excited for the new year! And maybe some quiet time? We’re getting some ideas with our good friend, Renee Patrone of Party Host Helpers.

While we are so excited to usher our kids off on the school bus – we will miss them – so we just framed up a few fun pictures of our kids. You may recognize some of these smiling faces too. It’s an easy way to make your friends smile and remember while children may drive us crazy, they are only little for a while.

We also made some of these glitter bottle vases – you can even get your kids involved ahead of the party to help create these. They are easy to make and very budget friendly, plus you can re-purpose these for several parties or events.

Also, and our biggest tip, hire Party Host Helpers. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy the company of your friends without children interrupting you for a snack or you rushing around to fill everyone’s glasses? Consider it self-care – you workout, you eat healthy, you take time for a manicure, you hire Party Host Helpers! We can greet your guests and serve your food and then clean it all up before the kids are home from school!