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‘Big Daddy Chubbs’ accused of making racist, obscene comments to State Police communications operator

YORK COUNTY — An 18-year-old York man known to State Police as “Big Daddy Chubbs” has been charged with harassment by communication after allegedly making a series of obscene, racist comments to a police communications operator at the York Barracks.

Brendan Edward Kinard was charged Sunday after police say he made multiple calls to the police station in Loganville, starting at around 2 a.m.

According to police, Kinard called the station’s 911 emergency line, identified himself as “Big Daddy Chubbs,” and demanded information regarding an active criminal investigation. Police say he insisted on speaking to a supervisor, but would not provide his contact information.

Kinard is accused of using lewd and obscene comments before the operator terminated the call. He then allegedly called back moments later and continued his previous rant, making numerous racial, sexual, and obscene references to the operator, police say.

Police identified Kinard through his “Big Daddy Chubbs” nickname, references he made during the phone calls, and his telephone number.

Kinard was taken into custody on Tuesday in York City.