Man charged after allegedly knowing of sexual encounter between teenager, individual she met online

Derrick Leonard

YORK COUNTY — A 49-year-old man who allegedly knew about a sexual encounter between a teenage girl and a man she met online has been charged with corruption of minors, according to a criminal complaint.

The victim spoke with police and the York County Office of Children, Youth, and Families on August 14 about Derrick Leonard, a West York resident.

It’s alleged that Leonard told the girl, 13, she was ready for sex when she had a conversation with him about her meeting up with a man named “Alex.”

During that conversation, Leonard allegedly told the victim what to wear and what not to wear.

“She [the teenager] explained that she was wearing a dress with jeans on underneath, and (he) told her to take everything off except the dress,” Detective Michael Mendez wrote in the affidavit. “He [Leonard] told her in his experience that it would just be better if she had the dress on.”

After the victim met with “Alex,” she told Leonard that she did not use protection. Leonard said that “they would take care of it” and “it would be OK,” court documents state. But the victim was never taken to the hospital for any testing, the criminal complaint alleges.

Both the girl and Leonard kept it a secret from the victim’s mother, the complaint adds.

Leonard is also accused of showing the teenager pornographic videos when they went on a car ride and allowing her to use his cell phone to continue viewing the videos, according to the criminal complaint.

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