York Suburban High School will open on time after fixing mold problem, officials say

via York Suburban Twitter

YORK — Mold was discovered in two classrooms and one conference room at York Suburban High School, but it did not affect the start of the school year in the district, according to school district officials.

In a letter sent to parents and guardians Wednesday, Dr. Brian Ellis, principal of the high school, outlined the steps the district took to address the mold issue when it was discovered at the school.

“While we did find trace amounts of surface mold in two classrooms and one conference room…we were very pleased to find no visual signs of mold in the remainder of the classrooms that had been affected, nor did we find any signs in our other classrooms throughout the building,” Ellis wrote. “We are currently in the process of actively cleaning, dehumidifying, and conducting air quality testing in each of the affected rooms…to ensure they are safe for use with our staff and students.”

Ninth-graders, new students and Link Crew leaders returned to school for the start of classes on Wednesday, but all activities involving those students were moved to unaffected classrooms and school facilities, Ellis said.

The school will re-open to all students on Thursday, according to Ellis.

“We are pleased to share that our air quality tests have revealed that it is safe to return to all our classrooms. Furthermore, our visual inspections this morning and throughout the day have shown no signs of mold. We have also continued to utilize dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to further improve the air quality, and we intend to conduct additional air tests (Thursday). We are confident our classrooms are safe for our staff and students.”

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