Good samaritan traveling through Lancaster County saves cat suffocating inside a chip bag

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MANOR TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY--- According to the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, a woman spotted something on the side of the road about two weeks ago while traveling eastbound on Route 283.

After stopping at the scene, she found a cat with its head stuck inside a snack-sized Doritos nacho chip bag.

Dr. Bryan Langlois, medical examiner and co-owner of the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, said it was slowly suffocating as was within minutes of dying.

He said when the good samaritan found the cat, she scooped the cat up and brought it to her car.

"She was able to cut the bag off, which really ended up saving his life...He's just a really, really lucky cat," said Dr. Langlois.

He said she brought the cat to the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, looking for someone to help it and give it a home.

"Nacho" was is now alive and well.

"We looked him over, found that he was no worse for wear aside from, you know, losing one of his nine lives in the whole experience," said Dr. Langlois.

Nacho is now vaccinated, neutered and will hopefully find a home soon.

Dr. Langlois said it's nothing short of amazing that the woman driving by nacho noticed him on the side of the road in the first place.

"She's a hero in our eyes and, certainly, I'm sure a hero to Nacho here," said Dr. Langlois.

In light of nacho's story, he also said it's not uncommon to see situations where a dog or cat gets its head stuck in a bag or box.

Dr. Langlois said all pet owners should be mindful of what objects are around your pets.

For more information on adopting Nacho, follow the link here.

For more information on Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, including adoption applications and other animals, click here.

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