Outdated York County voting machines prompts security concerns ahead of elections

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YORK, Pa. -- Outdated voting machines in York County has people concerned about the security of their ballots for the upcoming November election.

This comes amid Russian hacking allegations in the 2016 Presidential Election.

The machines are  twelve years old and lack some features that make them more secure.

However, Nikki Suchanic with York County Elections & Voter Registration, says there's no need to worry.

"The voting machines that we do use here in York County, they're not internet-based so there's no internet interactions with our voting machines and there are protocols that we use for check and balance for security when we are setting up and programing the voting machines," said Suchanic.

Current systems have a review screen, which is all stored electronically within each machine.

"Right now when you're casting your ballot there's no paper that a voter can actually view and say, yes, this is my vote and then that will be secured into a safe secure ballot box," added Suchanic.

A security perk newer machines have.

"Having a second paper trail would ease my fear that my vote is in someway being hacked," said Carol Tutino of Manchester Township.

"We need to make sure that our machines are up to date and working properly," said Sheila Steinhoff of Red Lion.

Suchanic does acknowledge the need for new voting machines, however with nearly 600 that will have to be replaced, she says it's going to take some time. Another two years to be exact.

"Well first we have to decide on the system that we are going to go with to make sure it meets the federal and state standards and then you have to procure the equipment and we will have to implement training for our poll workers, so there are multiple steps that have to take place before the voters would see that new equipment out in the field," said Suchanic.

"The governors race is this year and I think they are all important enough to be concerned about those things too not just wait until the presidential election," said Daniel Wolganth of York.

Suchanic says the funds for those new voting machines could cost millions of dollars and would be coming out of York County tax payers pockets.

In the meantime, York County Elections & Registration is taking extra steps to ensure there are no issues.

They are hoping to have updated voting machines up and running by April of 2020.

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