York Mayor defends decision to pull police lip sync video from Rev’s game after learning it featured Maple Donuts

YORK, Pa. -- Sue Adams of York County was approached the last week of July by York City Police Department to put together a lip sync video.

It was all a part of a fundraiser for the police departments motor unit, scheduled to be shown at a Saturday night York Revolution game.

"They picked out a song, they told me they wanted there to be a Maple Donuts truck and they were going to chase it through the city, showing the different points of interest for the city like Central Market, Cherry Lane, York Revolution," said Sue Adams, video coordinator.

Adams says after coordinating the logistics with both the York City Police Department and the York Mayors office, they shot the video on August 21.

However, the next morning Adams says she got a call from police telling her that York Mayor Michael Helfrich, wanted the video pulled because a Maple Donuts truck was used in it.

The company is known for its head-turning political advertising and slogans.

"About two weeks ago, I heard that there was an idea to do this video with Maple Donuts and I said hell no," said Helfrich.

Helfrich says somehow his message that the video was not approved somehow didn't get back to the police department.

"Next thing I know, on Wednesday, I'm finding out that this video has been shot, and people are talking about releasing it," added Helfrich.

"I was really confused about that because none of us ever thought of any political issues with the Maple Donuts truck at all, it was just funny, cops chasing a donut truck, I mean that's funny," said Adams.

FOX43 asked Mayor Helfrich if there was any sort of political motive behind his actions.

This was his response:

"This is not a political issue, I have many friends that support all sorts of candidates, it's not about that, it's about a choice to use wedge issues in your advertising and then be associated with a police department that has to work with a diverse population," said Helfrich.

"I'm working on bringing the city together, bringing the residents together with the police department, there's been a breach for many years and something like this just doesn't help," added Helfrich.

"I think it's sad that someone would be that narrow minded to look at this video and think that it's political," said Sue Adams, coordinator.

FOX43 exclusively obtained that video from the owner. You can see it here:

Mayor Helfrich tells FOX43 he thought the video was funny but was not a fan of what Maple Donuts is behind. He says he has every intention to re-shoot the video with a different donut truck.

There is a public NAACP meeting which will be held on Tuesday that Mayor Helfrich tells FOX43 he will be attending.

He says they will be discussing the video and hopes to make it clear that it doesn't reflect the City of York or its police department.

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