Police: Several vehicles damaged after driver of stolen truck drives up flatbed

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LANCASTER -- Several parked vehicles were damaged Monday morning after the driver of a stolen pickup truck drove up the back of a flatbed trailer, like a ramp, police say.

According to police, the flatbed was parked in the left lane of travel in the 100 block of South Queen Street after it had just unloaded an excavator. A flagger was set up to divert traffic and cones had been in the roadway, police add.

Police say the driver sped past the flagger and attempted to change from the left to right lane, but was unable to do so in time. As a result, the truck went up the flatbed.

The truck landed upright and struck two parked vehicles on the east side of South Queen Street before it flipped onto the drivers side, spun 180 degrees and hit a third parked vehicle on the west side of the street, police state. Several other vehicles were struck by debris and/or paint. Paint was spilled over the interior of the truck as well as the roadway.

Following the crash, officers saw that the driver -- who was coated with wet paint from head-to-toe -- was acting in an agitated and erratic manner, according to police.

Police attempted to keep the driver from walking around in the event that he was injured, but he allegedly pushed an officer away with both hands. Two officers detained the individual and placed him in handcuffs but he managed to slip one of the cuffs off of his wrist and then attempted to run before being secured, police say.

Officers were informed that the truck was stolen early Monday in New Castle County, Delaware.

The driver, who has not been identified, was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and observation, according to police. The extent of his condition and possible injuries are unknown at this time.

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