Sexually frustrated dolphin forces French beach town to issue swimming ban

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File photo (Getty Images)

BRITANY, France — A seaside community in France has been forced to ban swimming and diving on its beach because of a sexually aroused dolphin, the UK-based Telegraph reports.

The dolphin, named Zafar by locals, is reportedly scaring swimmers by approaching them and rubbing up against them while they’re in the water. It has even attempted to prevent them from getting out of the water, the Telegraph says. In one incident, the amorous dolphin used its nose to push a woman out of the water and into the air.

It is also reportedly trying to rub itself against kayaks and other small vessels that venture near, the Telegraph says.

According to the Telegraph, Zafar has been hanging around the Bay of Brest for months, with sightings along the shorelines of beaches like Plougastel-Daoulas, Logonna-Daoulas, and Landvennec.

The creature initially delighted tourists and locals, the Telegraph says. It would delight students in area sailing schools by turning up and frolicking around their boats. Zafar would sometimes even let swimmers grip his dorsal fin and ride with him.

But then, the Telegraph says, things changed.

The dolphin began acting more aggressively, reportedly confronting several tourists in an obvious state of arousal.

As a result, the Telegraph says, Roger Lars, mayor of Landevennec, issued the swimming ban.

“Swimming and diving are banned on the village shoreline… whenever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed,” said Lars in a new bylaw issued last week.  “Approaching within 50 metres of the dolphin is also forbidden.”

Dolphins do not have a particular time of year when they reproduce and may mate at any time, the Telegraph says. They appear to have frequent recreational sex and sometimes display sexual behavior towards other species, including humans.

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