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Puppies rescued from storm drain named after the animal officers who helped save them

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A group of puppies rescued from a storm drain were given clean bills of health and will soon be ready to find new homes, according to a WGHP-TV report.

Two of the rescued pups have been named for the animal control officers who rescued them, WGHP says.

Volunteers at Juliet’s House Animal Rescue say four of the five dogs walked about 40 feet into a small drain underneath someone’s driveway.

The group called Guilford County Animal Control to help get them out on Friday. After four hours, all of the dogs were saved.

One of the puppies in the drain needed immediate help.

Another puppy needed an emergency surgery for a gash on its neck.

On Monday, the dogs were doing well. The two puppies that were in the most dire need are named Carra and Afari, after the officers who saved them.

“I can't thank them enough,” said Nancy Bozarth, another volunteer at Juliet’s House. “They saved their life. They just went above and beyond.”

Juliet’s House is collecting donations to cover the cost of the emergency surgery. The group is also accepting applications to adopt the dogs. For more information head to their website,

The group has also been posting updates and donation link on its Facebook page.

Source: WGHP-TV