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California student suspended after starting fight over ‘MAGA’ hat

EL DORADO, Calif. -- A California high school student was arrested Monday after becoming enraged by another student's "Make America Great Again" hat, according to a report on FOX40 out of Sacremento.

The heated confrontation was caught on camera, FOX40 says.

According to El Dorado Sheriff's Sgt. Anthony Prencipe, the Union Mine High School student began hurling insults at her classmate, who was wearing the hat with President Donald Trump’s famous campaign slogan.

At one point, the angry student grabbed the hat, throwing it on the ground.

The student was told to leave but came back, arguing again with the hat's owner. Prencipe says the teacher stepped in to hold back the disgruntled girl, who then slapped him on the arm.

A school resource officer arrested the student, who has been taken to the El Dorado County Juvenile Hall. She has also been suspended from school.

Brooke Peterson says her boyfriend was the one wearing the hat.

"If you truly believe in something you have every right to express it in every way if you’re really passionate about it," Peterson said.

But other students say school is not the place.

"I have my own views but I don’t tell people because of the problems it causes these days," said student Taylor Pearson.

The El Dorado Union High School District refused an interview but sent FOX40 a statement, saying in part, "Student and staff safety is our highest priority and the UMHS administration will continue to cooperate with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office as the incident is being investigated."

In the meantime, Peterson says she’ll be wearing her "Keep America Great" hat to show support for her boyfriend.

"We all love him for who he is," she said. "It shouldn’t matter about political stuff."

The student's identity will not be reported due to her age.