Dairy farmers work to keep cows cool during the hot temperatures

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EAST DONEGAL, TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. --- Wednesday brought another hot day for those who walk in two legs or four.

Tony Brubaker, co-owner of Brubaker Farms, LLC, said fall cannot come fast enough for his cows.

"They really do not like the hot weather, especially when it's hot and humid," said Brubaker.

Brubaker said cows are most comfortable at about 50 degrees, which on their terms is equivalent to 70 degree for us.

While spending their days in the shade during 90-degree days, Brubaker said they run a combination of sprinkler systems and fans try to negate the heat.

He said they constantly check the cleanliness and efficiency of their tool to make sure their cows, especially new mothers, are safe.

"We actually put a monitoring system in their ear, it's a cloud-based monitoring system and it takes their temperature, it monitors how much their eating, how much they're moving around and that's all fed to a computer and can help us basically, essentially, keep track of the animals 24-7," said Brubaker.

The animals aren't the only ones spending their days in the heat.

Employees work around the barns without air conditioning, in some spots.

Brubaker said the same efforts are in place, just like the animals they work alongside.

"We keep fans and shade and available water to all the employees all the time so they can, again, help to mitigate the heat," said Brubaker.

While the cows may not like the heat, Brubaker said it's doing good for their menu.

The sunny days are giving crops a boost after a rainy, cloudy summer.

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