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Here’s what’s coming up on FOX43 News First at 4 & 5 (August 30, 2018)

Coming up on FOX43 News First at Four, we’ll tell you about a York golf course that’s been invaded by geese, and the owner feels he has run out of options to remove them. Despite trying multiple methods to scare the flock away, the geese just keep migrating back to Bridgewater Golf Course. So Bridgewater is bringing in professional hunters to thin out the population. You can expect more on this story First at Four.

Today on FOX43 News First at Four, we’ll be in Lancaster County for the memorial services for Willow Street Fire Company Chief Michael Reese. Reese passed away last week. We’ll take you to the funeral ceremony and the special procession, as firefighters remember and honor Reese, coming up today on FOX43 News First at Four.