Floodwaters leaves Hellam Township neighborhood homes damaged

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HELLAM TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Heavy rainfall on Friday afternoon caused flash flooding, impacting homeowners all across Central Pennsylvania.

In Hellam Township, York County some residents were left without a home, wondering where they would be sleeping for the night.

Thomas Snider, who lives on Frysville Road and West Market Street was at home watching the rain come down.

"The water was just pouring in," said Thomas Snider, of Hellam Township. "I just came up out of the basement when I heard the basement wall cave in," he added.

A terrifying moment that Snider says he had to see with his own eyes.

"I ran right up the steps," said Snider.

Jonna Barshinger who lives just down the road, was at work worried about her home.

 “It was like a river," said Barshinger.

Barshinger says a friend sent a video of her home with water rushing in and her stomach sank.

“I’m thinking my whole house is just rising with water," said Barshinger.

She says she tried to get home but drove around for almost two hours because every road she wanted to take was flooded.

“When I got here the water had gone down and then it was just what you can see now, water, mud, rocks," said Barshinger. “I mean…it was pretty traumatic, it’s very emotional, it's your house, it’s your belongings," she added.

“It’s frustrating but it could be worse what are you going to do…can’t fool with Mother Nature," said Snider.

Barshinger and Snider both have a long clean up process ahead of them, however, they tell FOX43 even though their homes are damaged, they’re just feeling lucky to be alive.

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