Starting tomorrow, drivers can use E-ZPass to pay tolls on the Central Florida Expressway

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Turnpike Commission Approves Toll Increase

ORLANDO — The E-ZPass Group and the Central Florida Expressway Authority announced Friday that E-ZPass will be accepted on the CFX’s Metro Orlando toll roads starting Saturday.

The CFX is the first Florida toll agency to join the E-ZPass network, bringing the total number of states served by E-ZPass to 17, the agencies said.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission manages nearly 2.3 million E-ZPass accounts, with 3.1 million transponders in circulation. Today, 82 percent of all PA Turnpike transactions are paid with E-ZPass.

The CFX’s Governing Board approved an agreement with the E-ZPass group in 2017 that led the way for both agencies to improve the travel experience of E-ZPass customers visiting the Orlando area. E-ZPass customers can now use the transponder they already own on CFX’s 118-mile toll system.

The estimated 35 million E-ZPass users can new drive in the metro Orlando area without having to find change at CFX toll booths. E-ZPass account holders will be billed through their E-ZPass accounts without any extra fees or charges.

“Our customers wanted portability to the Sunshine State, and now they have it in Metro Orlando, the number-one tourist destination in the U.S.,” said E-ZPass Group Executive Director PJ Wilkins. “There is no pre-registration required since customers are already enrolled.”

Almost half of Florida’s domestic visitors come from E-ZPass states, with about 50 percent traveling by car.

“Orlando is the most visited destination in the United States, so whether traveling here for business or pleasure, we want our visitors to have the same experience that residents enjoy year-round,” said CFX Executive Director Laura Kelley. “The launch of our partnership with E-ZPass makes driving in Orlando a safe, convenient choice for drivers.”

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