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Hellam Township road one of 24 closed due to flooding

No rest for road workers this Labor Day.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, not only this Labor Day, but this entire summer.

“We’re still doing repairs from the beginning of August, August 10th storm. I still have two roads closed from that storm, and this just escalated everything and made it that much worse,” said Keith Driesbaugh, assistant highway maintenance manager with PennDOT.

Friday night’s rain shutting down 24 roads across the area…including Kreutz Creek Road in Hellam Township, York County.

“The best way to describe it was a torrent of water. Something like the amazon river, flowing down up around the s turn there,” said Brenden Colla, who lives off of Kreutz Creek Road.

Colla says he hasn’t seen flooding like this since he moved here.

“The road was completely gone up about 500 feet there. I had to walk along the shoulder here and then hop over to get up on this lane here because you couldn’t come from 462 at all,” said Colla.

The road, right off the Route 30 Hellam exit in York County, sits by a stream.

We are told the water came up so high and fast, it took down trees, signs, and pieces of road with it.

“We actually found a car in the stream that looked like it rolled down the highway 20 times. There was lawn mowers and lawn tractors in the stream, so it’s just been a challenge to get it open,” said Driesbaugh.

Despite the efforts of PennDOT and two other contractors, the road remained closed as of Monday night.

It is one of five roads from Friday night’s storm that remains shut down.

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