Ma and Pa Railroad Heritage Village flooded

LOWER CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa -- A massive team effort to clean up damages from the flood in southern York County. The Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Heritage Village at Muddy Creek Forks took the brunt of Friday's storm.

The president of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society said this is just the beginning. They expect it's going to take weeks to repair all of the damage.

Dozens spent their Labor Day laboring.

"I was amazed how many people actually came out today, gave up their day, their holiday, to be able to come out here and do this," Kerri Myers, a volunteer, said.

"It was far more devastating for our track than any flood we've ever seen here," Craig Sansonetti, president of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society, said. "And I'm guessing this is probably the worst damage the railroad has seen since 1933."

Friday afternoon's storm took it's toll on the area; several of the tributary creek's banks overflowed and washed out their tracks and bridges.

"When I came down here, certainly it was dismaying to see what we had. the basement of the store was completely flooded," Sansonetti said. "There had been water up over the floor of the mill, obviously up over the tracks. lot of mud everywhere a lot of debris everywhere."

In one place, the track was wrapped around a tree.

"Ya kinda like throw up your hands and think, 'how can you get this corrected?'" Walter Miller, a volunteer, said. "This flood, you look along the stream bank and you see the trees that are just uprooted."

Shoveling, raking, and scraping. Getting their hands dirty to help their neighbors get back on their feet.

"I've been cleaning off things that were stuck in the mud," Myers said. "Down in the basement - I guess it was covered in about six inches of water and then the mud and things that were left after. So we're washing off antiques and cones and things like that that need to be cleaned up."

"When I look around and see all the people we have out here helping us today, it's a tremendously gratifying feeling to know there are a lot of people in the community who are able to come out to help," Sansonetti said.

Sansonetti said he's not sure how long all of the repairs will take, but he's hoping to have things up and running soon. No word yet on the estimated cost of those damages. You can check their website for updates.

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