Flooding clean up continues in Mount Joy

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MOUNT JOY, Pa. -- The clean up continues for many folks in Lancaster County who took the brunt of Friday afternoon's storm. The flooding wiped out many people's basements.

A refrigerator sits outside of Tony Myers' home. It's one of the many items that will need to be thrown out.

"Everything in the basement as far as furniture, everything is destroyed and has been thrown out in dumpsters," Myers said.

On Friday, Tony came home from a game of golf to find his entire basement under water.

"Well ya know it was interesting. At first of course you're thinking you can make it happen, you can clean it up, you're going to get past this, but once it's so overwhelming and it's filled up to the top you just kinda push that aside and go into criss mode and get what you can out of the basement and start contacting your friends and relatives make sure they're okay," Myers said.

Firefighters had to use an industrial size drain to pump all of the water out. It took them about seven hours to get the job done.

"It was filled to the top," Myers said.  "It was about this much space, I'd say about 6 inches to the ceiling, we had what most people would have in a finished basement: living room furniture, a little bar down there, we had things that you could replace obviously. So we're just happy we're healthy and everybody made it out okay."

Tony said this entire experience has been life changing, mainly because of the amount of community support he's had to get this cleaned up. Even complete strangers lent a hand.

"I'm not happy that it happened, of course. I wish it wouldn't have happened but now that it did - the support from the community and our friends and family turned into almost like a special event for everybody to kinda bond and get through it," Myers said.

The Myers family estimates the damages are more than 100 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, insurance will barely make a dent. They're just happy no one was hurt and the community really pulled together to help each other out.

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