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Roads still closed in York County following flash flooding

CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. --  People throughout the area are still dealing with the aftermath of last week's flash flooding. In York County alone, there are still a number of roads closed and limited access to places.

Duff Hollow Road in Chanceford Township doesn't look nearly as bad as it did Saturday, just a day after the flash flooding.

It's now covered with dirt and rocks. It's still one of 11 roads in the township closed after those heavy rains, including Cramer Road, where water washed away part of the road and created deep ditches on either side of it. A neighbor there says she was trapped Friday and Saturday because of the closure.

"I was stuck for two days here. I had to call off work Saturday, and they came and fixed it Saturday night, but Saturday morning, I didn't have any of my necessities, like my tea. I smoke cigarettes so I needed cigarettes," said Natalie Barrett. "I hope it doesn't happen again. It happens a lot. It washes out down here, and it was the worst I've ever seen it."

Roads open but with limited access:

  • Scout Camp Rd
  • Glen Allen School Rd
  • Markle Rd
  • Dettinger Rd
  • Pomraning Rd
  • Kupp Rd
  • Manor Furnace Rd

Roads closed:

  • Sechrist Rd
  • Duff Hollow Rd
  • Hilltop Rd
  • Smith Hollow Rd
  • Douglas Rd
  • Hively Rd
  • Kline Rd
  • Mill Rd
  • Pickle Rd
  • Cramer Rd
  • Fake Rd

Here's a link to the township's website:

Individual damage form: