York County residents say lack of storm drains to blame for flooding in Hellam

HALLAM TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Flash flooding has left some people in Central Pennsylvania with no place to call home.

In York County, one homeowner claims Hallam Borough is responsible for the damage.

“Poor judgement and bad engineering," said Thomas Snider of Hellam Township.

That’s what Thomas Snider of York County says is the reason his basement filled with water and caved in.

“Within less than five minutes it all happened," said Snider. “There was probably 6 foot of water coming with such force, there was nothing you could do," he added.

Sniders home sits on Frysville Road, in between Hellam Township and Hallam Borough.

He says he’s been going to the borough for years about a lack of storm drains causing water running from west beaver street, up the hill, directly to the back of his home.

“I showed them what runs off the dead end street, never heard a word from nobody," said Snider. “There are no storm drains from the crest of that hill at the top this way towards the West to the top of the hill, none, not one," he added.

Neighbors who live on West Beaver Street, say they, too have seen what storm water does Sniders home.

"He gets it really really bad," said Gloria Gingerich a neighbor.

“We could see the water gushing more than even a river, I’ve never seen a river gush like that, they should have done it before when we had the other flood," said Gingerich.

“Correct what they created, that’s all I ask," said Snider.

We reached out to Hellam Borough who declined to comment, however they tell FOX43 that they are looking into Snider’s claims.

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