Mount Joy borough helps residents clean up flood damage

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The flood water may be gone, but the devastation it left behind is still very much here.

“I feel bad, I don’t know. We’re in a bad situation,” said Nasim Saad, a Mount Joy resident.

Mount Joy was one of the areas hit hardest during Friday’s storm.

“Everything got wet. All the furniture. All my kids clothes. Everything got wet,” said Saad.

And while the damage is already done, the borough is trying to step in to help in any way they can.

“The phone is ringing constantly off the hook. Looking for help, looking for assistance, asking questions. I think the borough is responding very well,” said Samuel Sulkosky, Mount Joy borough manager.

The borough is waiving all fees for trash bags and collection until the 14th.

Additionally, they’ve set up dumpsters in three locations- Little Chiques park, Florin Station, and Westview Park- for people to dump bigger items.

But some people we spoke with say throwing away their belongings is also like throwing away money, and they want monetary help too.

“Monday I called insurance, and got a claim number. But they say they can’t do anything for what happened,” said Saad.

The borough is hoping to help with that, too.

They are collecting data on their website, and plan to submit that infomration in hopes of getting federal funding to help flood victims.

But as Mount Joy works to pick up the pieces, the borough manager says there is a silver lining.

“Just seeing people pitch in to help each other, and risk their own lives, to tell you the truth. It was looking like a raging river. Would you want to run in there and jump in to pull someone out of a car to save their life? That takes some gumption, I can tell you that,” said Sulkosky.

Anyone wanting to volunteer to help those still cleaning up is encouraged to contact the borough office.

Also, if you were affected by the flooding, you are strongly encouraged to report it on the borough website.

For a link to the form, click here:

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