York County DA: Officer was justified in January police-involved shooting that killed New Oxford man

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YORK — After an investigation into the police-involved shooting of a 27-year-old New Oxford man in January, York County District Attorney Dave Sunday determined the shooting was a lawful use of force, his office announced Wednesday.

The Northern York County Regional Police Officer involved has been cleared to resume regular duty, Sunday said.

The investigation was conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police, as is the normal procedure for officer-involved shootings in York County, the announcement said.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department and the officer involved, who has not been identified, cooperated with the investigation, Sunday’s announcement said.

According to investigators:

  • The shooting took place during the early morning hours of January 6, 2018 at Stillmeadow Church of Nazarene, 400 Stillmeadow Lane in Manchester Township.
  • At approximately 3:21 a.m., an officer on routine patrol observed a Silver Pontiac Bonneville parked in the parking lot of the Stillmeadow Church of Nazarene with its headlights activated. The officer positioned his patrol vehicle behind the Pontiac Bonneville and conducted an investigation of a suspicious vehicle.
  • The officer approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and made contact with the driver, who he identified as Greg Lorn Stough, 27, of New Oxford.
  • Stough was sleeping in his vehicle when the officer arrived. The officer informed Stough that the church does not allow people to park their vehicles in the parking lot overnight and suggested an alternate location to park.
  • A warrant check indicated that Stough had four active traffic warrants. The Northern York County Regional Police Department policy is to arrest all people they come in contact with who have an active arrest warrant. Officer Matthew Cicale arrived on scene to provide assistance.
  • Stough verbally refused the officer’s commands to exit his vehicle and revved his engine instead. Officer Cicale approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and opened the door in an attempt to remove Stough from his vehicle.
  • Ignoring the officer’s commands, Stough then drove his vehicle in reverse, trapping Officer Cicale and forcing him backwards at a high rate of speed in the direction of another patrol car.
  • The initial responding officer drew his service weapon and fired 14 rounds at Stough. The vehicle then shifted gears and drove forward towards the officer, ending up in a field to the south of the parking lot.
  • Both officers checked on Stough in an attempt to provide medical aid, but observed a gunshot wound to his head and saw his chest was not rising.
  • EMS personnel arrived on scene and confirmed Stough was deceased.
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